Who’s In Charge Here?


k and elsa     I am absolutely certain that I COULD NOT be a children’s entertainer. We took the girls to some kind of Kidapalooza today and as usual the kids really frightened me. But Elsa, Spiderman and Snow White handled the situation well. Snow White was a flashback right to 1937 when she debuted. She looked just like her and was singing and dancing around as if straight out of the movie. I thought to myself; What is this woman smoking? She seemed to enjoy herself though and the kids loved her so I guess it works. I don’t have much patience. The only characters I could play would be the ones with nasty attitudes like Cruella DeVille, Oscar the Grouch or Grumpy Bear. I wouldn’t be too popular because I don’t do sitting on my lap, faces full of boogers or worst of all, tantrums. If you want to throw a fit on the floor (as many children chose to do today), it won’t bother me in the least. I will just leave you there and go on my way. Many children seemed to have no parents at all. They just ran around in circles and through people’s legs, leaving trails of popcorn and candy wherever they went. All of this while screaming at the top of their lungs. No worries, I was hoping for a migraine today anyway and, what is this sticky stuff on the bottom of my shoe?

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