Toys On The Run


jump rope     My rant today is about neighborhood trolls, they won’t leave my daughter’s toys alone. We live in a small apartment so we don’t really have space to keep all of the outside toys in the house. You know; the Frisbees, bubbles, jump ropes and squirt guns. So, we have a rack outside to hold all of the “outside toys”. Well, some neighborhood punks have decided to help themselves. It has happened a couple of times previously. They have taken some things and we have found them out front in the yard. Rude but no big deal so I have grabbed them and put them back. Well now, they have taken a whole bunch of things including a new squirt gun she just received for Easter. She hadn’t even had a chance to use it yet. We can’t find it anywhere in the neighborhood. It isn’t like the toys are just thrown outside for everyone to use. They are on our patio, in a corner by a fence and our shed. It is obvious they aren’t “community” toys so they are in fact STEALING. This kind of thing happens around here all the time and the parents don’t give a crap. Teaching our kids to be thieving thugs isn’t the way go. Now, my daughter is all upset and you can bet if I catch any of these trolls, they will see a real beast in action.

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