April in Montana


image     Day 3 of illness in our household. As I write this, I have my youngest daughter tucked under one arm, tissue shoved up both nostrils, a cold rag on my forehead and Vicks smothered all over. Every time I lift my head I experience massive pain and my vision gets blurry. Please excuse me as I’m not sure what might come out of my mouth (so, it’s pretty much the same as every other day). When I peeked outside, I saw several inches of snow, That doesn’t really bother me. It is spring in Montana; it is normal. But, let’s talk about something serious, What all this snow means is that the Uggs won’t be going away yet. Why do I despise Uggs so much? I don’t know but I just hate them. Maybe it is because they are slippers and NOT boots. Maybe it is because they are Ugly! It says so right there in the name. Either way, let’s go spring! I can’t stand any more Uggs, especially the pink and purple ones.

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