Somebody Call A Doctor


sneezing     Until today, I never knew how far snot could fly. It all started this morning when I realized I have not one but two sick kids on my hands. It is only 7:30 in the morning and both girls have fevers, coughs, endless strings of boogers and the crabbiest of attitudes. By 10:00, I was on the phone to the Dr.’s office. I explain the symptoms and the nurse says “You better bring them in right away.” So, she gives me back to the receptionist to make an appointment and I am told that the Dr. won’t start seeing people until 6pm today. What?? Alright, so I make the appointment for then. By noon, I have a raging sore throat and a head that feels as if a little man is in there with a hammer just trying to pound his way out. But, all day long I tend to endless sneezes, coughs, vomiting, diarrhea and “Can I have some more juice?” Since I am not feeling well either, everything I touched seemed to turn to shit. I think I created more messes just trying to get through the day. Just as I am getting the girls dressed to go to the Dr.’s office, a snow storm hits. Not any snow storm, the kind where the snow is actually coming down sideways with a wind that will knock you right over. But, we make it. Wait 15 minutes (even though nobody else is in sight) and basically get blown off by the Dr. He barely even looked at the girls, said they had colds. The advice was give them juice and send them to bed. Well, I knew they had colds before I went there but it was the fevers that were bothering me. And, even though antibiotics don’t work on colds, we can treat the symptoms. But, what do I know, I am just their MOM. So, we battled the snow again and made it back home. I am so glad I wasted my time and money on that diagnosis. Gotta go, there’s another snot bubble…

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