Hang It Up!


cell phone 2     Here’s a little free advice for all of the parents out there. Put the cell phone away and actually WATCH your kid! Today, I was sitting out in the backyard and this scene unfolds in front of me: A really small little girl rides by on her bike. I think to myself; wow! she is really young, who is she with? Then, a woman with the running outfit on comes by with the cell phone in one hand and a huge dog on a leash in the other. In the meantime, the little girl has started crossing the street at the end of the block with NO supervision. A car gets very close to her but does stop to let her cross. The mom FINALLY looks up from her phone and what does she do? She starts yelling at the kid. I agree the girl should have stopped at the corner but could you stop texting for five minutes to make sure she does?? This child (and your dog) deserve some actual attention. Texting about the sale at Macy’s or sharing that frightening selfie just isn’t that important.

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