All The World Is A Chalkboard…


grafitti     Why do people have to draw or write all over EVERYTHING? I would like to think it is a kid thing but some of these messages and drawings are a bit too advanced (I hope). I appreciate that you want to tell me who to call for a good time but, I usually don’t look to a bathroom stall to find dates. Why do we care that Mary, Susie or Debbie has been here? We have all been here, it’s the shitter. And, why you wanted to spend one more minute than you had to in here sort of boggles my mind.

Trains, walls, old cars; everywhere you look you can see bubble letters spelling out Bobby’s name, messages telling us Kilroy was here! and even a pretty drawing of a butterfly and a rose. I guess people want to leave their mark on the world, literally. I recently spent the night in a hotel. I was getting ready for a much needed rest, laid down in the bed and looked up to see a large drawing of cock and balls. C’mon now people, can’t you leave your mark on the world in a more positive (and more accurate) way?

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