That Time Of The Month


image   You would think that after buying feminine products once a month for several years, that the task would get easier. It doesn’t. I dread it every time. You can always count on seeing someone at the store right after you just deposited a big box of extra absorbency tampons into your cart. Nobody will actually SAY anything to you but, the looks they give you are disturbing. If it’s a woman, they will give you a sympathetic glance as if to imply “I’ve been there sister and I feel your pain!” If it’s a man, they will give you the “Oh it is that time of the month!” awkward smile and walk on eggshells as if not to upset the beast within you.

Arriving at the checkout counter is much of the same treatment. Placing your purchase on that big moving belt for all to see is embarassment in slow motion. But, you have to own it and move on with your day; cramps and all. I know a lot men who are embarassed to purchase these products also. WHY? Everyone knows they aren’t for you! So, help a girl out now and then.

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