A Glitch In Time


image     It’s 11:30 last night, I hear a big BOOM. Then, I am left sitting here in complete darkness. You are never really prepared for this situation. So, as I draw a blank on where any flashlights might be located, I resort to lighting every candle in the house. Now it smells like a cupcake factory and looks like a shrine. I end up using my daughter’s Thomas the Train flashlight which is of little help and shouts fun phrases with every push of the handle like “Clattering Carriages, it’s dark in here” and “I will light the way”. You suck Thomas, you can’t even light the bathroom so I can see to take a piss. After hours of no power (which means no heat or water either), the power flutters on and off until about 5am when it finally stayed on for good. I had run down every battery in every electronic device I had, No TV and No internet make for a very long night. I think to myself “ok, here is your wake-up call that you rely a little too heavily on technology, you should work on that”. And, I did have the best of intentions. But then today, I have been without internet since 5pm. I can’t do it, I won’t. Well, excuse me while I drive around until I find some wifi to send this message out. I might have to resort to a message in a bottle. Keep an eye out for it…

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