Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth


gift horse

To the crazy people who answer my ads on the “free stuff” website:

What I listed is ALL that I am giving away. Please don’t ask me for more, another size, another color, etc. No, you CANNOT come and look at it. If you show up here, plan on taking the item with you. Some stuff is heavy, please plan accordingly. I am NOT your personal pack horse. I am also NOT Fed Ex. Therefore, I DO NOT DELIVER. Satisfaction is NOT guaranteed. If you are unhappy with your stuff for whatever reason, who cares? It was FREE! Throw it away or give it to someone else. How long have I had the item and what condition is it in? Well, it is old and it is used. What more do you need to know? In the end you have two choices, Take it or leave it.

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