The FB Facade


fake     Don’t you love the random goofball friends we keep on Facebook? We aren’t really friends. We know the person somehow, but the real reason we keep them around is to see what they will say next. It never makes sense. It is totally confusing, totally irrelevant or just totally TMI (too much information). But, we love it. It is like watching a train wreck, we just can’t look away. Aren’t you amused when people go into total detail about their personal lives? It’s awkward but yet you still gotta read it, you want to know how this all plays out. What about the people who lay it all out on the line? They hate themselves, hate life and feel like they have nothing to live for. 0 comments. I always have to give them a little encouragement. Hey, at least they are being honest. That is way better than the ones who claim these picture perfect magazine cover lives when you know it is total bullshit. Be happy, be angry, be pathetic, whatever you do; just be honest. Your REAL friends will appreciate it.

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