The Inflation of the Green Bean


small school lunch     This school lunch thing has my undies in a bunch. Why the heck does it cost so much?? The portions are miniscule. And, it is still the same old slop it has always been. We used to get mounds of it but now the kids are practically starving to death. I pack my daughter a lunch almost daily. There are only a few things on the menu that she has any interest in eating. And, I can’t blame her. Now that we are striving for diversity, I don’t even know what some of the stuff is. No matter what you get, there is never enough of it. So, on days when she does eat, she always wants seconds. Here is the latest scam: she went up for seconds and was told that she couldn’t have any. When she asked why, she was told that she only had enough money for vegetables. 4 kernels of corn or 3 string beans now costs $2.00?? If she wanted a second piece of pizza, that would require $4.00. Can I just order a big ass pizza from Domino’s for $5.00 and have it delivered to her at school? Or, can I send in a few cans of Veg-All and earn her some credit?? If my kid is hungry, feed her. I will square up with you. I am sending a 5 dollar bill with her tomorrow for 2 chicken nuggets. I wonder if that will cover it? I better pack her a snack just in case. I look forward to the end of the school year!

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