Zero Support!


pulling hair out     It’s no surprise that I am technically challenged. So, in order for me to have a website, I have to use one of these programs that does all of the html coding for you. But, they never seem to work right. I spend hours trying to arrange things the way I want. Last night, I was trying to add a blog onto my site. It wasn’t working out too well to say the least. The damn drop and drag buttons wouldn’t respond and I just kept ending up with a big blank space on the front of my webpage. That wasn’t the look I was going for. So, I look up the info on who to contact for help. On their webpage it says for support, contact I promptly send them and email explaining the problem and begging for help. This is the response I get:  Please note that we don’t accept support requests sent to our email address. So, what kind of support is that?? Then the message says this: But if you go to you can submit a help ticket or chat live with one of our support agents to get immediate help. Sounds good, I go there for my live chat so I can receive “immediate help”. There is no live chat available, not even a place to request such a thing. There is the email address listed above, so I am back at square one. It is amazing I have any hair left on my head…

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