What Have I Done Now?


Well, here’s a shock. I’ve gotten myself into trouble at Wal-Mart again. And this time, I swear I didn’t do anything. No, really! It was madness there today, even worse than usual! All of the last minute Easter shoppers I guess. I was just trying to get a cart to load the baby into so we could start our shopping. We are still in the parking lot. I went to grab one cart and it had a bunch of garbage in it. So, I locate another one and proceed on my way. The huge truck next to the cart makes it impossible to turn around so I am backing the cart out of there. I look behind me to make sure I am not going to hit anything and there are two very large ladies standing there with two carts and several children. Just standing there, right in the middle of the parking lot where people are trying to drive. So, I have to maneuver my way around them. They apparently thought I was staring at them and judging them. They start giving me the dirty look and one of them says all snottily “Yes, this is what it looks like shopping with 5 kids.” What? I was just trying to not slam into you, that’s all! I wasn’t judging you before but I sure as hell am now! Just when I think it can’t get any worse, I run across this in the dairy section:

colored eggs

You can buy your eggs already colored for $4.68. Can we GET any lazier??

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