Worst Easter Bunny Photos



Easter is upon us. And, for most parents, that means a trip to see the Easter Bunny. What could possibly go wrong?


My youngest daughter was less than impressed but, at least she wasn’t screaming like some of the kids. No matter how bad your photos turn out this year, they can’t be as bad as some of these:



decisions bunny



Eat the carrot or eat the baby? Decisions, decisions…





big teeth bunny



Oh my, what big teeth you have Mr. Bunny….




park bunny



If the Easter Bunny’s home base is a park bench, you might want to reconsider.





grandpa bunny



Forget the story Grandpa, run for your life!





passed out bunny



If the Easter Bunny is passed out, at least have the consideration to wait for him to come to before you start snapping pictures.





pervert bunny



Come sit on my lap little boy…





do‌ing it wrong



You’re doing it wrong.




mummy bunny



We said dress up as a BUNNY, not a MUMMY!



wtf bunny


WTF? Is it time for my examination?



sleep tight bunny


Now sleep tight kiddies, and wait for me to come visit your home in the middle of the night…



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