Don’t Make Me Do It!


mr. sketch    Everyone is always talking about their “Bucket List”. I prefer to think about my Anti-bucket List. You know, all of the things I am hoping to escape having to do again before I die. Or, things I probably could do but really just have no interest in doing. Here are some highlights:

1. No More Root Canals!! The last one I had was so painful, I was sure I HAD died and Satan himself was working on me.

2. Climb a Mountain. Maybe a small hill or a mound but, not a mountain. What goes up must come down and that is usually me. And, I come down hard.

3. Run a Marathon. As I have stated in previous blogs; I run if something is chasing me and that is the only time.

4. Get Plastic Surgery. Ok, I probably would do this if I could afford it. But since I can’t, I’ll pretend I’m not that vain.

5. Ice Fishing. It’s just too darn cold and I am fragile. And lazy. Getting up at 5am holds no appeal for me.

6. Parallel Park. Living in Montana, I can usually avoid this one. If I have to attempt it, I am instantly in a foul mood. It gets worse as my wheels hit the curb for the 4th time.

7. Line Dance. Yes, I have been a victim in the past and I’m praying there isn’t a video. It just isn’t right.

8. Grow-up. The world keeps trying to break me but, I haven’t cracked yet. Now if you need me, I’ll be in my room coloring (with my Mr. Sketch smelly markers). Yes, I really own those…

What’s on your Anti-bucket list??

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