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bumper stickers     Do you ever find yourself judging people by the bumper stickers on their car? First of all, I can’t stand bumper stickers. It’s like a toddler putting stickers all over the wall. In my opinion, it is just wrong and trashy. But, people can (and will) do whatever they want. It does lead to me sitting behind a person with a bumper sticker that reads “I brake for turtles” and thinking Wow, this person needs help. If car owners must express their political opinions, that’s fine too. However, it is a STICKER. So, we will be looking at it for the next 20 years. A lot of things seemed like a good idea…at the time. How about the obvious bumper stickers? I saw one that read “My dog is my co-pilot”. Oh good, I saw that furry head sticking out of the window with the long tongue hanging down and mistook it to be your husband. Thanks for clearing that up.

What about the little plastic signs people hang up in the car? My favorite is “Baby on Board”. As if I would have just slammed into you before but now that I know you have a baby, I won’t be a raving lunatic. I have seen some that say “Baby MADE on Board”. At least that is funny.

Final rant of the day; personalized plates. If a typical person won’t be able to figure it out, what’s the point? You just wasted a pile of cash. And, if we CAN figure it out and it is lame, same thing. Nobody really cares if you are TOMS GAL. The way you’re driving, it just makes me feel bad for Tom. Oh wait, that’s not Tom, it’s your dog.

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