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http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-expert-image29671546   I saw a help wanted ad on Monster looking for a “Director of First Impressions”. Sounds sort of prestigious huh? Well, it is actually a receptionist position that pays $8.00 an hour. I think first impressions are worth a lot more than that. Titles are funny to me. We can’t really escape the work titles they slam upon us. I have been a “Life Enrichment Coordinator” (activity director), a “Guest Support Specialist” (maid) and a “Director of Employee Affairs” (HR). Why can’t we just call shit what it is? There is no need to fancy it up. A “Waste Management Specialist” is still a garbage man. Just let me know what I am getting into already.

What I wonder is how individuals reach the “expert” level. You will see people on TV and below their name it will say “Expert on Foreign Affairs” or “UFO Expert”. Who is handing out these titles? Or, do you just realize one day that you are an “expert” and start referring to yourself as such? I sure hope my “expert” revelation hits soon. But, I fear my title would be something like “Fatty Foods Expert” or “Expert in Diapering”. I guess we all have our calling…

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