Living as “The Other”


other facebook    How does it feel to be the “other”? I am not talking about the other woman. I am talking about the “other” folder on Facebook. Are you aware that this exists? Most of my friends are not. But yes, it is real. Check it out sometime. In your “other” folder you will find messages from five years ago. It took me a couple of years to realize I had an “other folder”. When I did finally discover it, it turns out I had some pretty cool messages. A lot of messages enticing me to buy sunglasses as well. So, when you open up your Facebook on your computer, click on your messages and next to your inbox, there is an “other” folder. Try it out. It may surprise you.

Because nobody knows about this, you can send messages until the end of time with no response. It used to be that you could request someone as friend and then include a message; like Hey Susie, I am Jan’s cousin. Thanks Facebook, that feature is gone now. So, I request a friend, give an explanation of who I am into their “other” folder; they don’t ever get it, have no idea who I am and deny me for lack of existence. Why have I been condemned only to exist as the “other”? I feel like I am “THE ONE”. But, I guess if I was, I wouldn’t hit the “other” folder in the first place…

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