Head Banging


bump on head    It seems I have an abnormally large head. It gets in the way, a lot. It causes me many headaches, literally. Let me give you an example. Yesterday, I was at the drive-thru of my bank. The woman starts talking to me over that intercom thing and she sounds like one of the teachers from Charlie Brown. You know, “Whaa, whaa, whaa”? I somehow think if I stick my head out the window and get closer to the speaker, I will be able to understand her. I say “What?” and she repeats her Charlie Brown garble. I put the dumb smile on (the kind we use when we have NO idea what is going on) and hit the send button. I then proceed to slam my head on the car door as I attempt to move it back into the car. As the stars start floating around my head, I hear the loud laughter of some high school kids in the next lane. Mind you, they are in some P.O.S. car that is five different colors, one window busted out and missing door handles. But, I am the funniest thing they have seen all day. One kid asks “Are you OK ma’am?” No, I am far from OK. But, I just put the dumb smile back on…

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