Does Anyone PAY In This Business?


no money   So, I worked my butt off to earn my degree with honors. I searched for work until I came to the realization that with the high cost of daycare and the low wages my field has to offer, I would actually be PAYING to go to work. I started Plan B; becoming a Freelance Writer. Little did I know, that actually meant writing for FREE.

It isn’t easy for me to accomplish something during a typical day. I have a small child at home who is quite demanding. If you don’t respond promptly, she WILL throw something at you. She is a total monster and the sweetest thing simultaneously. It is wonderful to be home raising her. But, my day consists of cooking, cleaning, serving my family; repeat. I am a good multi-tasker but some days are a challenge even for me.

With all of that going on, deadlines are tough to meet. But, I do it. Even if it means I am working one handed with a kid asleep on my lap or at 4am when the house is finally quiet. I have done my part. I have produced many articles that have been published and have been very popular. But, the companies still won’t pay! Even the ones I have contracts with. Each place claims they are a month behind with billing, they are going through some managerial changes, blah, blah, blah. It has now been three months in some cases and I am still sitting here empty handed. I don’t mind volunteering to write some articles but that agreement needs to be understood by both parties. Not, Surprise! We decided we don’t want to pay you. Maybe it is time to move on to Plan C…

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