Me VS The Machine Pt. 2 (I lose Again)


help!    I hate to admit that technology has handed my ass to me again but, even I know when I have been defeated. The original idea seemed simple enough. I was trying to put together a 1 minute film to enter into a contest. 3 days later, the mission has still not been accomplished and I am ready to destroy the next machine that gets in my way.

Because I have pictures, videos, slides and sound clips in various places, I ended up using 5 different computers just to collect all of the media I wanted. Plus, one computer has a file converter, one has my video camera software installed on it, one has backup picture files and so on. With the power of flash drives, I finally managed to get all of the data on one computer and a day later, I had a completed video. We’re done right? Nope. More conversions to create the proper file type.

Next, I log onto the website to enter my video. After signing my life away to create an account, I load the video. So far, so good. The next screen asks for a bunch more info, no problem. The last page wants me to load a cover photo for the film. I do, it won’t load. I try again and again, no luck. I notice a box that says “If you are having trouble loading your photo, email ______” So, this happens often huh? I email that person and she starts spouting off the necessary dimensions, ratios and file names. My response is…”What?” But, I try again and again and again. You win technology, my brain hurts.

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