Kids Love Me


boy shooting toy water gun    I always wonder why children are so drawn to me. I mean, I like my own and a few choice others. But mostly, I’m just not a fan. Nevertheless, they flock to me. Often, at swimming pools or parks, they come running up to me for no apparent reason. Maybe they think I am the Kool-Aid man or something, we are about the same size. They always want to be my friend. I am too nice to say “Scram kid!” So, I help them with whatever they need or watch them do tricks on the monkey bars.

Being nice isn’t always the best route to go, it only encourages them. A couple of days ago I was sitting in the front yard with my youngest daughter. Before you know it, I have half of the neighborhood surrounding me. And, these kids are loud! They all have trucks with horns or cop cars with sirens. Pretty soon my head is pounding. Next thing I know, one hoodlum has a toy gun pointed at my daughter’s forehead. She freaks out so I tell him we don’t play that way and he says “You do now!’ Man, I can’t take it. I tried switching to the backyard but they find me there too. I made the mistake of giving them popsicles once. Now, they are my buddies for life. Oh well, better than most grownups I guess.

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