EVERYONE is on Social Media


social media     I woke up this morning to quite a shock. I got on my computer, opened up my email and found a message that said “Satan is now following you”. Whoa, shit just got real. I took a glance behind me but didn’t see anything. That Satan can be a master of disguises though. I clicked on the message and discovered that Satan is following me…on Twitter. I think you realize you’re gaining popularity when Satan himself takes the time to follow you. I go check out his profile. It reads “I am the great adversary of humanity. Causing mischief and corrupting souls…Location: “on shoulder”. I know you are supposed to keep your enemies close but, I just can’t follow Satan back in good conscience. Other souls must not have the same dilemma. He has 4,300 followers. I guess you have to hand it to him for getting on board with social media.

After that, I went to check in on the Facebook world. A friend suggestion came up. The name is Phil Mycrackin. It’s good to see that the classic jokes never die. I wonder if he knows Satan? Or, maybe he just sticks to his group of friends like Seymour Butts. Life is fun when you are so easily entertained. I’m off to see if Jesus has a board on Pinterest. I hear he is pretty good with woodworking projects.

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