FB Friends to the End


fb logo    Has anyone seen the latest ad for Facebook? It consists of these two women sitting on the couch having this big heart to heart. The one woman says “I am so glad you are my friend and you were here for me.” or something like that. The ad goes on to say how Facebook is here for YOU and is a friend when you need one. Really? I agree that we have some friends on Facebook. But, very few. Can you borrow money from them? Call them in the middle of the night? Ask them for help when you move? If no, then they aren’t your friends. They are acquaintances. People you have met once or twice, people you have worked with, people you went to school with, people you are related to somehow, maybe someone you admire or people you know through a friend. That’s it.

What Facebook forgot to mention is that there are several other types of people on FB as well. Assholes, stalkers, perverts and just plain crazies. Sure, we keep the weirdos around because their status updates (and selfies) are entertaining. But, in such a fickle social media space, I wouldn’t put too much stock into anything anyone says. It is all subjective. Facebook is fun. But, what it isn’t is an online diary, therapist or bartender. You need to get our more. Siri isn’t your friend either. But damn, that girl does know a lot of shit.

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