The Tank Takes A Stand


tank    The hot celebrity news of the day is that some rapper guy they call “Tank” is dissing Kanye for posting too many nude/revealing photos of Kim Kardashian. Why do you care dude? Why does anyone? If you don’t want to look at them, don’t! He said it was time to be a grown up and stop posting those pictures. Wouldn’t the way to actually grow up be to just put some clothes on? But, if she is comfortable with herself and her body, more power to her. I may flaunt my package too if I had the goods. Unfortunately, anyone who saw me naked would yell “Roll that beached whale back into the ocean!” So, I stay clothed as to not alarm environmentalists.

The great “Tank” went on to say that when he got married, he wouldn’t post those types of pictures because “That’s his”. No worries Tank, with that “women are possessions” mentality, I’m sure you will remain single for some time to come.

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