Shopping Shenanigans


50-pct-off     Isn’t it funny how gullible we all are when it comes to marketing schemes? If we think we are getting some kind of deal, we jump on board. It doesn’t matter that we don’t need or even want the item; it was on sale! I love when a product is advertised for 30% off. That may be true. But, they marked it up 40% before they put it on sale. How come $3.99 seems like such a better bargain than $4.00?? How about those companies that offer to send a FREE gift with your purchase? Beware, this is something they have to give away because they couldn’t sell it. Or, it is something they have purchased 50 cases of for $20. It can’t be good.

What I hate are the signs that trick you at the store. In big red letters a price will read “$5.00!”, but in real small letters (that I NEVER see) it reads “Purchase of 3 or more required”. They know that we don’t want to hold up the line or cause a problem. So, when it rings up more at the register, we don’t say anything. Costco is notorious for signs that say something like “Save $2.00 now!” But, it isn’t now, it is a mail-in rebate. Again, they know we won’t question it and we are never going to get around to mailing in 50 forms for a $2.00 check.

Ever been an “instant winner”? It wasn’t much of a win after all, was it? Another scam to take more of our hard earned cash. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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