Can One Person Make A Difference?


Styx and Stones 2     I’m starting to lose faith in humanity. I started a new project that I really believe in. It is called Styx and Stones. The idea is to bring people together through music. I found out that Styx was going on tour (with Def Leppard and Tesla). I thought about all of the people I knew that would enjoy the concert but most of whom I had lost touch with. It made me think about the silly things we let get between us. Sticks and stones can break our bones but, the rest of the stuff we can probably forgive. So, I launched Project Styx and Stones.

It’s a simple idea. I am just encouraging people to reach out and reconnect with friends/family. If you can go to a Styx concert together, great! I am asking people to wear a white t-shirt with STYX written across it and then whatever personal messages they want to share like “I miss you Dad!” or “I’m sorry Susie!”, then take your photo and share on our Facebook page. Even if people can’t attend a concert, they can still make a t-shirt and share their message on the page. I thought it would be great to see all the photos and read all the stories.

Next, I made a video. Then, I emailed over 300 people, shared with my 600 Facebook friends, 450 Twitter followers and all my Linked-In connections. The response should have been overwhelming, right? Nope, 9 views (and 2 of those were my husband and myself). Hey, nobody said starting a social movement was easy! So, I am reaching out to my blogger friends, colleagues and followers. Included is the video and the link for the Facebook page. Please join and please share! I am just hoping to make a little corner of the Earth brighter for a minute or two. Thank you!!

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