Somebody Hit The Snooze Button


ped crossing    At what point were pedestrians granted the right to total stupidity? Yes, of course they have the right of the way. But, shouldn’t they still be held accountable for being coherent? Between the ear buds, cell phones and day dreaming, they are completely oblivious. Haven’t we been hearing the lecture our entire lives telling us to look both ways before we cross the street? They don’t. They just aimlessly wander out into the street totally unaware of their surroundings. I can understand that type of behavior from a 2 year old. Not from a 17 year old.

Today I somehow managed to plan my errands during the lunch hour at the local high school (I won’t make that mistake again). I stopped at the crosswalk to let the masses across so they can hit Subway and Arby’s. I ended up sitting there for five minutes as the line of students seemed endless. Finally, it was down to one last kid. Over 6 ft. tall, pants hanging down to his knees with white boxer shorts showing and a black t-shirt with white letters that read “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. Boy isn’t that the truth.

The young man is fiddling with his I-pod and just walks out into the street without even a glance. I wait. He gets halfway across and then wanders back to the curb he came from. I wait. He starts to cross again but then comes to a complete stop in the middle of the street. He hasn’t looked up the whole time. I finally start to proceed and he starts moving again. So, I hit the brakes and give him a look. He flips me off and eventually makes it across the street. Why did the high school student cross the road?? It is just where he ended up while sleepwalking. Wake up! And, pull up your pants.

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