Paper or Plastic? Or, just hold out your arms!


grocery bag   I’ve just finished up the grocery shopping and we are headed home in 5 o’clock traffic. One kid is begging me to serve pizza for dinner and the other is howling in the backseat because her bottle is empty. We eventually make it home and try to pack all of our goods into the house. I grab a paper bag with a few canned goods in it and it instantly rips all the way down the side (see pic). A can of corn slams down on my big toe while the other cans go rolling across the parking lot. Have you noticed the quality of pretty much everything has gone completely downhill?

The paper and plastic bags offered at the grocery store are as thin as they can possible be while still being considered a sack. They don’t hold anything and I have scampered across the sidewalk many times trying to collect my fallen items. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans have also become of much less substance. I just try to grab a bottle of water and the whole thing crumples up in my hand. I know I am not that strong. Maybe the companies are trying to introduce less BPA into our bodies or, maybe they are just cheap bastards. It is probably time to get out my reusable sack. But, how will I ever remember to bring that with me? It is hard enough to remember the kids…and my purse…and my cell phone…where are those car keys??

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