Blindly Agreeing to Anything


terms of agreementHow often have you fallen victim to these Terms of Agreement? Of course we are going to accept them because we want whatever the product is and we want it now. Nobody reads these things. Could you imagine how much of your life you would spend scouring over legal mumbo jumbo? But, it will come back to bite you in the ass. I have found myself arguing with many “Customer Service Specialists” only to discover that yes, I DID agree to those terms. They can and do put anything in there.

One scam I suckered in for lately was a shiny new credit card. I was already “pre-approved” and just had to go online and accept the offer. So, I did and checked the little box that said: Accept Terms. When the card arrived, I found out that I had been charged $100 just to activate the card in order to use it. What kind of deal is that? Turns out, a pretty good one…for the credit card company.

It seems like every corporation is out to get you. Another thing that kills me is the interest we are all getting charged. It will already be a miracle if I manage to get my student loans paid off in my lifetime. Then, I find out I owe thousands on top of that total in interest. And, it just keeps adding up. It is a pretty daunting thought. Get ready world, I am going to come up with my own “Terms of Agreement” and present them to anyone I come in contact with. Maybe I should reconsider getting that hermit pad in the mountains…

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