Doing The Right Thing


conscienceangel     I read this morning that a man in New York found Tom Hanks’ credit card and returned it. Tom thanked him on Twitter for his millions of fans to read. Again, how come this stuff NEVER happens to me?? The only thing I have found lately is a buck that somebody forgot in the change return at the self checkout. Here’s what happened:

My daughter and I were doing some grocery shopping. I always use the self checkout because I think it will be faster (it never is but, I am delusional). We get up to the register and I notice that someone had forgotten their change, it was only $1. The devil on one shoulder said “C’mon, it isn’t much and they won’t be back for it. Put it in your pocket.” The angel on the other shoulder said “Now Jolene, you know that money isn’t yours, it would be stealing. Turn it in.” As I was debating, an angry, heavyset woman with no nametag and onion breath came over and said “What’s the problem here?” I replied “Nothing, but someone forgot their change.” I handed her the dollar and she stuffed it in her pocket (her angel is obviously non-existent).

Oh well, I proceed on and of course my daughter has picked out something with no tag on it. I knew the price so I got the pissed off woman to come back over. She is really irritated now. I said “This is $3.99 but there is no tag to scan.” She says “Well, there is nothing I can do. Go get another one!” So, I sent my daughter to pick out a replacement but now I am irritated too. Then, the pop that is “on sale” rings up full price. I couldn’t even deal with her again so I just let it slide. So, it ended up costing me $3 more, an extra 10 minutes and, I got a side dish of attitude. Next time that dollar is going right in my purse. Maybe one day I will find a $10 or $20. I can dream big…


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