The PC Playground


slide   The dynamics of the playground have really changed since I was a kid. Recess used to be a lot more barbaric. We handled problems ourselves and nobody went and told on anybody else (unless there was a lot of blood involved). Tattle tales were despised. Sure, we had cliques and butted heads sometimes but we all lived through it. For the most part, I think we had a pretty good time and came out of it tougher.

I don’t know what to think about the playground scene these days. My daughter came home all upset a couple of weeks ago because a boy had kicked a ball at her and it hit her in the face. My initial response was “Well, did you thump him back?” Now, I know that is not PC these days but that was how we took care of things as kids. She of course told me she didn’t do anything in return. She didn’t tattle either, she just left the game. The only acceptable advice I could give her was to just ignore him. Does that work though? It seems to me, you need to show people you won’t take any crap. I guess I am just too stubborn and set in my ways. I did tell her if she had any more problems that I would come to school and thump the kid. I know, mother of the year yet again.

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