All in a Day’s Work


embarrassed work dude   Have you ever been going about your day and then realized you had a dryer sheet stuck to your skirt or pants? How about a two hour meeting that ends with you using the restroom and noticing you’ve had a booger hanging out of your nose the whole time? I’ve been victim to grocery shopping with my fly down. One day I had two different socks on and didn’t even notice. Life is embarrassing at times but we need to learn to roll with it and have a good laugh (you know everyone else did).

I once worked for a marketing firm in a pretty powerful position. We had a meeting scheduled with some of the stock holders and various leaders of the community. All the bigwigs were there. I had been planning my presentation for months. I was so nervous about the big day that I couldn’t sleep the night before. When I did finally drift off, I awoke to realize I had slept in! I hauled ass to get out the door and to the meeting on time. Surprisingly, I made it and gave a stellar presentation. At the end of the day my boss said, “That was a wonderful presentation but it could have been better.” Shocked, I asked “What do you mean?” She said, “You would have been more convincing if we couldn’t see your black underwear beneath your peach slacks.” I hung my head in shame. I was in such a rush, I hadn’t even realized my fashion mishap. But see, I’m over it. It is funny now. Well, sort of…

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