Let’s Get Things Straight (or at least untangled)


What are some of the little things in life that drive you crazy? One thing that leaves me teetering on the edge of sanity is stuff that is always TANGLED UP!! I don’t have the patience and it’s a major frustration. I went around the house today and took pictures of the Top 5 on my list of nuisances (two honorable mentions that didn’t make the list are fishing line and jewelry):

pantyhose1. Pantyhose/Clothes: This picture shows what my pantyhose looked like when they came out of the dryer today. Now, I tried for almost 10 minutes to salvage them but they were still in a knot. So, I did what any rational person would do and ripped holes in them and then threw them in the trash. My daughter is notorious for having these shirts that are 2 in 1. It will be a cute little number with a vest hooked on or a built in tank top. After a trip through the wash, they all end up being in a bundle. I used to try to make sense of them but now I just hand them to her and wish her luck.

cords 2. Cords: Extension cords, power cords, speaker wires, ethernet cables, usb cords; they are all trouble and are just waiting to mock you. It doesn’t matter what precautions you take, they will find a way to intertwine and make your life hell. This picture shows my method; throw them all in a bag and pray you never need one.

hair 3. Hair: My daughter has long, beautiful hair but somehow, it is always full of knots. This picture illustrates just one morning’s worth of hair pulled from the brush. Knots, lint, rocks? it is all in there. Sure, we use the “detangler” but that isn’t anything more than watermelon scented water with the latest character stamped on the front of the bottle. My hair isn’t much better. One good gust of wind and I look like a Fraggle. That’s always fun combing through.

hose 4. Hoses: Between watering the garden, cleaning off the patio and powering the slip n’ slide, our hose is often full of kinks. My husband takes the time to coil it up properly. My procedure consists of gathering it up and throwing it in a corner (as you can see). But, when I have to use it again, I am completely disgusted (with the hose, not myself of course).

headphones 5. Headphones: Anyone that knows me knows my love for music. So, headphones are a must so I can rock even when others don’t want to. It is inevitable that when I go to grab my headphones, the cord is tied up in several knots. How does this happen? They were fine when I set them down and nobody has touched them. I swear it is a conspiracy against me to see if I will crack. I am getting close…

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