Would You Like Salmonella Poisoning With That?


food poisoning  Do you ever wonder what goes on in the kitchens of local restaurants? We have all seen the TV shows which showcase some of the worst case scenarios. But, what happens on an everyday basis? Do the cooks wash their hands? Do waiters spit in the food? Is there a 5 second rule for food dropped on the floor? Most food service workers are making minimum wage and dealing with jerks left and right. At what point do you just stop caring about quality service?

After my Birthday dinner out at a restaurant, I started to feel sick. Now, it is three days later and the illness is still lingering on. When I thought back on the evening, I remembered the cook placing raw salmon, steak, chicken and shrimp all on the same grill with juices running altogether. Isn’t that a little something called cross-contamination? You think I would have been smart enough to question the procedure but the food tasted so good!

One time I got really sick from a burger joint. I called them to complain and they said “We’ve been getting a lot of calls like that.” I asked “Were you going to do anything about it?” The manager informed me that “These things happen.” I guess they do but you should never knowingly give someone food poisoning. That should be added to the list of commandments. I won’t be dining out for some time…

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