Gettin’ Freaky with my iPad


ipad   I’m a little slow advancing with technology since I hate change and well, I’m poor. But, my husband was kind enough to buy me an iPad. I have to admit, it’s pretty great. When I opened the package I thought; alright, now I can play games, send emails and search the web with ease. NEVER did it cross my mind that I had just been given a new sex partner. Have you heard of the Fleshlight Launchpad?? Now, you can literally have sex with your iPad. I’ve heard of becoming too attached to technology but this takes it to a whole new level.

Alright, so who is the sicko that wasn’t getting laid and thought to themselves; if only I could screw my iPad? Excuse me Apple, I thought you promoted “family friendly” products? How do you explain why the screen is all sticky when little Emily wants to play Candy Crush Saga? And, if Junior discovers what this is, he will never come out of his room again. What aisle of Wal-Mart do you think you would find this item? Gizmos and Gadgets? Hardware?

This product isn’t new, it actually came out last July. Reportedly, millions have been sold. Millions of pairs of Uggs have been sold also. Doesn’t make that right. Nasty. The sex toy is gross too.

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