Add Another Candle to the Cake


birthday cake    I used to think a 40 year old was completely out of touch, half-dead, failing vision, frail body and totally lacking in any fashion sense. They only listened to music from twenty years ago and they probably peed their pants. In bed by 6pm and up at the crack of dawn. Crabby, stinky, wrinkled and most definitely OLD!! Today, I turn 40. While some of these things are true, thankfully, most of them are not. But, here are some signs I have noticed that say I am getting older…

1. My 10 yr. old gets embarrassed just by my presence.

2. I know (and love) bands that nobody has even heard of.

3. I am happier staying in on a Friday night than going through all the effort to join the outside world.

4. I know who shot J.R.

5. I remember when a candy bar was 35 cents.

6. There have been times when I have actually had to stop and think how old I am.

7. I know what a VJ is and miss them.

8. I have had to make some major changes to my diet (enough said).

9. Loud noises and crowded places irritate me.

10. I have started getting catalogs like Montgomery Ward, Fingerhut and Massey’s…and I enjoy them.

Although I may have lost some of my edge, I still have some feistiness left in me. Now, what does 50 look like??

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