A Quick Guide to Shaking Hands


shaking hands  We’ve all experienced that moment when you shake someone’s hand and think to yourself; What the hell was that? It is a very simple gesture but it’s amazing how many people still get it wrong. Your handshake tells people what kind of person you are. Use this handy guide to ensure you aren’t giving off the “I’m a complete moron” vibe.

The PROPER way to shake another person’s hand:

1. Stand tall and look the other person in the eye (if you are sitting, stand up!).

2. After the greeting (“Nice to meet you”, “Thank you for your time”, etc.), extend your hand to the other person (arm parallel to the ground and thumb upwards).

3. Shake hands firmly for up to 5 seconds and then let go.

How NOT to shake hands:

1. Don’t crush the other person’s hand with your grip. You aren’t The Hulk and no one will be impressed by this.

2. Don’t do the slimy/sweaty handshake. It’s gross. Ok, everyone gets nervous. But, discreetly wipe your palm on your jacket or pant leg before going in for the shake.

3. Don’t do the limp handshake. Are you too good for me? Are you a wimp? Do I have cooties? Shake my hand already!

4. Don’t hold my hand. Adhere to the “no more than 2-5 seconds” rule. Otherwise, we have just entered into some sort of relationship and frankly, it’s weird.

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