Being A Princess


princess girl Girls make me laugh. We live on a college campus so I get a front row seat to watch the action. All I can say is, do these girls know how ridiculous they look? And, what exactly are they dressing up for? The typical look goes like this: 1) Hair: All done up with at least one can of aqua-net used. 2) War Paint: Applied as thick as they can get it. The more colorful, the better. 3) Nails: Long, bizarre colors and talon-like. 4) Jewelry: All blinged out like Mr. T. 5) Clothes: A shirt with the tits hanging out (no matter how cold it is). Jeans that look like they were painted on or a short, short skirt. 6) Shoes: Boots or shoes with 6 inch heels. You know, so when they walk they look like Bambi taking his first steps. 7) Accessories: Backpack draped over one shoulder, cell phone in one hand and starbucks in the other.

They are a walking disaster area. All kinds of wrong for so many reasons. I have read that most girls come to college to find a husband. Come to get an education! And guys, if you see one of these types of girls, RUN.

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