What’s For Lunch?


school lunch I thought school lunches were bad when I was a kid. But, I think they have actually gotten worse. This stuff is nasty! It’s either rubbery, brick hard, frozen or unidentifiable. And, there’s none of it! The portions are so small, no kid could get full on that. Seconds cost $4 and often, they are just told there is no more. I saw a little girl get herself a tiny cup of peaches and she was promptly reprimanded. I have to pack my daughter a lunch almost every single day just to make sure she gets to eat.

The lunch ladies are mean as hell too! What happened to those pudgy old ladies that were so sweet? These women scream at the kids to shut-up. Why don’t you?? If they ask to go to the bathroom, their lunch is taken away and they are sent back outside. You better not let your kids’ money run out either. They will receive no lunch and be yelled at in front of all the other kids. What’s going on? I called the school and told them if my kid ever got yelled at again for needing more money or was denied lunch, I was coming down there to raise some hell. Nobody wants that.

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