I’ve Lost Control


remote control Something terrible has happened! I cannot find the remote control for the TV. I know what you’re thinking; get off your ass and change it manually. I wish it was that simple. Have you noticed these damn TVs they make now? If you don’t have the remote, you are totally screwed. There are a few buttons on the side of it but selections are limited. I am too cheap to pay for cable and now I can’t even get to Netflix.

It all started because I was trying to hide the remote from the kid. Why do all kids love remotes?? She is completely fascinated with it and if she gets ahold of it, she brings up menus I have never even seen before. Then, even after I take it away, I have to give it back to her so she can fix it. I know I put it somewhere she couldn’t get to it but where is it now? I have checked all the usual places; the couch cushions, the recliner, her room. No luck so far. All night with no TV? Man, I hope I’m not forced to do something constructive with my time. I better get back to the search…

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