If You Build It…It May Fall Apart (at least in my case)


confused There are 3 words I hate to see written on anything I purchase: Some Assembly Required. And by SOME, they mean ALL. I couldn’t even do SOME. First off, the instructions come in about 15 different languages. They claim that one of them is English but, it still doesn’t make any sense to me. I try following those darn instructions but it never fails that I will put something on backwards or upside-down. Then I have to start all over (or just leave the item that way). You should see some of my bookcases, yikes. One Christmas Eve, I spent 2 hours trying to put together a bike from “Santa”. I finally produced something that sort of resembled a bike but it never was quite right. I always end up with extra parts in the end too. What’s up with that?? Thankfully, my husband handles most of these tasks now. There is always some cussing involved but, he ends up doing a much better job than I ever could.

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One thought on “If You Build It…It May Fall Apart (at least in my case)

  1. I don’t like putting anything together. Like you, I often find extra parts (that really shouldn’t be extra). I get my 22 year old son to put things together now. It’s not his favorite thing to do either but he does it for me.

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