Jammies AREN’T Pants!


jammies There are a growing number of individuals who go around town wearing their pajamas. See, I’m confused. I thought you were supposed to get dressed BEFORE you left the house? I could understand this behavior in the case of an emergency. But, these people are at Wal-Mart, Hastings or just walking down the street. Have they forgotten that they are wearing their teddy bear pajama pants? Or, do they have different categories of jammies? Some are for sleeping and some are for running errands?? Now, I will admit that I have let myself go a bit since having kids. I am just so tired and some days, a shower isn’t even an option. But, I would NEVER leave the house without getting dressed. Can’t you at least throw some sweats and a t-shirt on? Ok, you’re comfortable. Well, I guess so, you are supposed to be in a bed! Do us a favor and take 3 minutes to put some clothes on. Society will thank you for it.

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