Birthdays Are Breaking The Bank


bday party My daughter is 10 years old and I swear she has been to about 20 birthday parties this school year already. It’s somebody’s birthday like every 5 minutes. It has cost a small fortune to buy gifts for all of these parties but of course I can’t say no. And, if the parents are that brave to keep track of 20-30 obnoxious kids hopped up on pop and pizza, more power to them. We have hosted a couple of birthday parties and they have gone off without a hitch. But, a party I hosted a few years ago didn’t have the same success. It was a birthday party for 4 year olds held at a pizza parlor. I was amazed that parents just dumped their kids off and ran as fast as they could.

Things were going pretty well until another birthday party started right next to ours. I can’t tell these kids apart and I had no idea who belonged to us and who was theirs. I became frantic as I saw a little boy wander out the front door. I proceeded to scold him and chase him back inside only to be confronted by his pissed off mother. Turns out he didn’t belong at either party, he was just there with his parents. His mom told me a thing or two. I believe “mind your own business” was one of them. Well, what the hell? Why aren’t you watching your kid? The highway runs right by there. Once again, people are nuts! Two more birthday parties this weekend, better go get my purse…

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