Why Women Go To The Bathroom In Groups


women Have you ever wondered why a woman never goes to the bathroom alone? This has baffled men for some time. But, I am going to let you in on the big secret. There are a few reasons why we want a bathroom buddy:

1. We want a waiting partner. Men never have to worry about a long line at the restroom. The women’s line however will be out the door and around the corner. We need someone to talk to while we wait and do the pee pee dance.

2. We want to talk about you. Sometimes we need a little mini conference. We want to talk about our dates, the waitress, our friends who didn’t come to the bathroom with us, anyone really. Women need confirmation that the waitress was rude, our friend is acting like a bitch tonight and our date is a total loser.

3. We need an honest opinion. Girls are mean. But, sometimes we need that brutal honesty. We go to the bathroom to “freshen up”. We need to know our hair and makeup look good. A guy isn’t going to tell you that you have parsley in your teeth or a boogie in your nose (he actually hasn’t even noticed).

4. We need something. Most women travel with a trunkful of items they have crammed into a “purse”. So, if a woman finds herself without lip gloss, a tampon or a breath mint, one of our partners in crime will have what we need.

5. We don’t want to leave a friend vulnerable. If a woman has to use the facilities, she won’t leave a friend alone with that creepy guy that’s been stalking her all night. That just wouldn’t be right.

6. We need to adjust. Women need to adjust too guys, we just don’t do it out in the open. Sometimes, the girls will start slipping right out of the push-up bra and sometimes the underwear go straight up the butt. Why do we need a friend for this? Well, we need to make sure the girls are even and no underwear line is showing.

7. We want to be safe. Hey, have you ever seen a woman’s bathroom in the late night hours? It’s pretty frightening and nobody knows what might be lurking in there. Sure, it’s usually just mounds of tp, puke and used pads. But still, that’s pretty scary.

There are many reasons girls choose to partner up for potty time but these are a few of those revealed. These are subject to change at any time because in the end, we just want to confuse you.

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