Not Enough TP in the World…


jalapeno double When you have kids, every time they see those yellow arches, the begging begins. “But mom, pleeeaaaasssse!” They just love McDonald’s. Grown-ups DO NOT. The customer service is horrible, the restaurants are filthy. But, the real problem is the massive gut ache you get after eating the “food”. That will be followed by explosive diarrhea. Keeping this in mind, have you seen their latest gimmick? Make way for the jalapeno. Jalapeno double cheeseburgers, jalapeno chicken sandwiches. Add jalapenos to anything for just 50 cents! Why would any rational person want to do this to themselves? The original torture wasn’t bad enough? Now, you want to intensify the flaming butthole even more? There is no way any good can come from adding jalapenos to the menu. Adding something edible, there’s an idea. Until then, please pass the Charmin.

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