How A Woman Parks A Car


parallel parking A woman could be driving a Geo Metro. But, when it comes time to parallel park, it will turn into an 18 wheeler. There is just something in a woman’s biological makeup that makes it impossible to parallel park a car. We will continue to try though for one of two reasons: A) To shut the man up who keeps making fun of us for being unable to complete this “simple” task or B) To get a spot right in front of the club so we don’t ruin those cute little boots we just bought. So, we will try again for the 100th time knowing full well it is NEVER going to happen. It goes something like this:

1. We see the spot we want but still drive around the block 4 or 5 times to determine if we can fit into it.
2. We decide to go for it and pull forward, start to reverse into the spot and hit the curb with our back wheels. We have to pull forward and try again. Repeat 4 more times.
3. At this point, we start to panic and try any move we can to get the car into the spot. We inevitably tap the car in front or back of us. We check to see if anyone is watching.
4. We try one more time just to confirm we have failed. Then, we get pissed, cuss out the other drivers for parking incorrectly (it couldn’t be our fault) and abandon the mission.
5. We end up parking 6 blocks away, we’re 20 minutes late and these stupid new boots are killing me feet…

I need a chauffeur.

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