Me Vs. The Machine


angry computer Technology hates me. It attacks me every chance it gets. I was sitting here on the couch yesterday, minding my own business and the printer suddenly starts printing out stuff and spitting it all over the floor. What’s it printing? Oh you know, that document I tried to print months ago. I guess the waiting time is a bit longer than I expected. And, no matter how many times I press that red X, it won’t STOP printing. There goes all of my ink and paper. This printer is supposed to scan stuff too. Let me tell you this, it doesn’t. I gave up trying. It just made me want to kick and punch it right in the paper tray.

My laptop is out to get me too. It is completely possessed. Some days, the screen just turns blue and it refuses to turn off or come back on. I throw it a lot, probably doesn’t help. The latest trick it pulls is just turning the Wifi off. It never happens when I’m browsing Facebook or playing games, only when I am doing something important. I yell at it a lot, probably doesn’t help. Hey, if that piece of crap was nice to me, I might be nice to it too. Until then, the war is on.

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