I’ll Take A Box!


empty box It’s happened again. Another Wal-Mart experience that makes me want to drink large amounts of alcohol. I know what you’re thinking. Why doesn’t that damn woman just stop shopping there? I wish I could. But, I am weak. I have a wide range of items to purchase, desire a deal and I am packing a 30 lb. kid with me everywhere I go. I admit it, I NEED the convenience. I don’t however need the bullshit. That is an added benefit I receive for free.

I only have about an hour before my older daughter gets home from school. So here I am, hauling ass up and down the aisles. I am basically just throwing crap in the cart. Get it done and get out of there! I get to the check out and ask the cashier if I need to lift the 2 cases of pop I have loaded underneath the cart. He is all put out when he replies “I guess I can scan it.” Whatever. I finally get out of there, arrived home and realized I paid almost $8 for an empty box that was supposed to contain filters for my fish tank. Have you ever paid $8 for an empty box?? Now I feel like a real dumbass. I bet that cashier had a good laugh. That will teach me for expecting average customer service.

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