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cell phone I have a few random thoughts about texting. I wasn’t a huge fan of the texting at first. But, you need to understand, I started texting on a phone where one number represented three different letters. Texting took forever and included many errors. Now, my texts only look like jibberish when I have had one too many glasses of wine.

Texting can still be a dangerous game. This is because there is no tone of voice or facial expression to go off of. So, people just guess and often not well. My husband and I actually didn’t talk for a couple of months when we were dating due to a misunderstood text message. I often get in trouble because of my smart ass demeanor. People will get offended and I have to clarify, “No, I didn’t mean it that way!” Usually, I did mean it that way but it’s a good cover. And, now they know how annoying they are.

What’s up with sexting? Does anyone really find pleasure in this? I just don’t get it. Maybe I am too old or too prude but it seems like a joke to me. Aren’t people capable of getting laid in real life? Just do that.

I understand there are times when a quick text message is much easier than a phone call. But, using a text message to break up with someone, quit a job or report a major life event is unacceptable. Don’t be a chicken, handle your shit.

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